Burkhart gets about 1600 applications a year from macho male jerks applying for the
position of apprentice.  He tosses them all in the waste basket, like a slam dunk to the
head.  They're all curious how an old fart like him attracts all the beautiful women and
equally beautiful young girls.  "They're all having nervous breakdowns ," he tells them...
"or break-throughs.  Who are they gonna seek out for guidance?  Their possessive
boy friends?  Their parents?  Their hairdressers?  These are the very people they are
seeking to transcend.  They're looking for permission to expose themselves - exercise their souls and take on a new identity.  They trust Burkhart because he likewise trusts them.  They hand him their old worn out images, like a snake sheds a useless skin.
And like a true creator, without judgment or demands, he acknowledges their inner needs and hands them back a new and improved image through which they may express their reality more accurately.

















All Images Copyright 2008 by Fred Burkhart

Still alive and reachable at this phone number:
(773 348-8536)