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November 1995


KESEY  "101"

written by Trinity in 1993
(age 7)

          Part of my education is going with my dad to see important people.  Thursday night, while most kids were getting ready for bed, my dad and I went to see the famous author Ken Kesey.

          While other kids were sleeping I was learning firsthand about famous authors.  My dad always jokes that I'm in night school.  Out of a thousand people I was the only kid there!

          Ken Kesey is the author of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST and SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION.  The one I read was especially for kids: LITTLE TRICKER THE SQUIRREL AND BIG DOUBLE THE BEAR.

          Kesey said that he didn't care about being a writer anymore - he just cares about being a warrior and a magician.  Then he pulled a bird out of his hat!  It wasn't a real bird though.  He flew the bird but it didn't land by me.  The person it landed by gave it to me though.

          After the show, during the book signing, Ken let me create designs in the books and rubber stamp the books too.  It took 3 hours to sign and stamp the books.  Then we went home and had dinner and I went to bed.  It was one o'clock in the night kitchen.

          By the way, my mom was there too.

KESEY  "102"

written by Trinity in 1995 (age 9)

          Today my good friend Ken Kesey came back to town to do an author's reading.  Before when he came he was dressed in an unmatched suit carrying a suitcase shaped like a swordfish.  Now this time he was dressed like a cowboy because his new book was about cowboys.

          Unlike last time, I did not go right up on stage to see him because I was embarrassed.  I also felt that he might not remember me from two years ago.  But Ken Kesey is a very good friend and did not forget me but called me up and introduced me to the audience.  Then I was more embarrassed!  But I was also very happy.

          During his speech he read chapters from some of his books.  The best part I remember is when he read LITTLE TRICKER THE SQUIRREL AND BIG DOUBLE THE BEAR.  When reading the book he sort of formed a play out of it and did a little dance.  The best part about Ken is that he makes his stories into play and forms them into real life.

          If you met Ken Kesey on the street, you would not know he was a famous author because he doesn't dress fancy or act like he's "all that."  He makes you feel important instead of himself.  He made me feel really nice.

          Well, got to go now.  I have to meet Double The Bear for lunch.  I sure hope he doesn't think I'm the lunch!

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